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My Projects
Village Defense image

Village Defense

Protect defenseless villagers from hordes of overpowered and undead zombies!

Build Battle image

Build Battle

Compete against other players in a build battle minigame. Build the best you can to win!

Murder Mystery image

Murder Mystery

Be the detective and kill the murderer! Survive as innocent till the end.

Piñata image


Buy pinata, break it and get configured drops - pretty simple. Variety of options to configure for your needs.

GameBot image

Game Bot

Inspired by Shadow Fight mobile game discord bot. Duels, raids, weapons and much more!

About me

Hi I am Plajer, I am 16 year old guy from Poland. I'm open source and localization lover. My goal is to create open source and unique projects and my motto is "Providing unique content". I started programming in Java about one year ago. I created some cool Minecraft plugins which can be downloaded at SpigotMC here.

How do we work?
  • Prepare the code

    We're preparing an idea how the code structure should look and starting to code it.

  • Test finished code locally

    After we code the basics we test everything at localhost, hunt for bugs and other problems.

    At this stage we're preparing and fixing the code till it's ready.

  • Deliver the beta

    When beta version is done we're releasing it to the public, you can test every new feature and check our project for possible bugs at this stage.

    Want to test our beta projects? Join beta program for free, just open this page

  • Publish strings to translate

    Once project from beta stage is deemed as ready we're publishing all project strings to translation group at POEditor. Contributors all over the world translate the project for language which you can use!

    You can always join and help translating our projects for free, just open this page

  • Release finished product

    Full project is released to the public once pre releases are tested and translations are ready. At this stage you receive awesome software from us :)